About Us


Alchemy London was founded in 2020, but began its journey a few years prior as a second hand clothing business. Discovering the beauty of keeping clothing in circulation, we wanted to do the same with fabric, repurposing deadstock fabric into our suits.

This is the origin of our name, Alchemy, a seemingly magical process of turn base materials into precious substances.

Deadstock Fabrics

Deadstock fabrics are excess and leftovers from their original purpose. By utilising these fabrics instead of commissioning new ones, we are actively reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry.

We personally source our deadstock fabrics from warehouses located a few miles from our factories, ensuring a small radius of production and minimising our carbon footprint. The nature of deadstock fabrics makes each Alchemy suit unique and precious, no two collections are the same and each is limited. Once we have used up the fabric, it won't be made again.

Our self-tailoring fit

Our design process revolved around creating empowering clothing that works with you. We design our silhouettes combining soft fabrics with adjustable features to produce a fit that tailors and moulds itself to your body. As women, we know clothing that fits you perfectly is hard to come by - our aim is for you to look and feel your best with no compromise in comfort.


We manufacture our collections in small batches in order to minimise waste. We disagree with overproduction and consumerism and are dedicated to creating clothing that will be timeless in design and quality.

Craftsmanship is a key pillar of our brand and we prioritise working with skilled manufacturers who share our dedication to quality and sustainability.

Our designs are manufactured between London and Cape Town. We have worked with family run factories in the heart of London from the very start, and sourced our fabrics within a 2 mile radius!

Cape Town is a second home to our founder. We began a production line here at the start of 2023 and are very proud to support the South African textile industry, where there is an incredibly talented workforce facing high unemployment rates.

We firmly believe that the quality of our workplaces translates into the quality of our clothing. We regularly visit our factories and maintain a close relationship with them, we are very proud to call them part of our team!